Friday, November 9: “Generosity,” a Public Talk with Khenpo Pema Wangdak

Learn about the happiness that comes from the Buddhist approach to generosity Generosity: A Giving Attitude That Touches All Aspects of Our Lives A Public Talk by Khenpo Pema Wangdak “To take delight in extending the hand and giving, as well as to induce others to generosity, are qualities [...]

  • Khenpo Pema Wangdak

Saturday, November 10: Tonglen Meditation Instruction and Practice Khenpo Pema Wangdak

Tonglen Meditation Instruction & Practice Saturday, November 10, at 10:00 AM Sending and Receiving (Tonglen) is a powerful meditation practice that uses the mind and the breath to develop compassion for the self and others. This practice can be called upon to help us and others in a variety [...]

November 10-16: Mind Training (Lojong) Retreat with Khenpo Pema Wangdak

Mind Training Retreat with Khenpo Pema Wangdak Generosity is the theme of Khenpo Pema’s Lojong Retreat this year at Sakya Kachod Choling.  The retreat has no prerequisites and is open to everyone. Students who work or have other obligations are welcome to attend part-time.  The meditation sessions begin at [...]

Anniversary Fund Update: Sakya Kachod Choling Makes the News

Blessings Emanate from Island Dharma Center Source: NW Dharma News (Fall 2017, Volume 30, #3), an online publication of the Northwest Dharma Association; for the original article, go to Jetsun Kushok in the shrine room in July 2017 during the White Tara teachings. Thirty years ago [...]

Join Us in Celebrating Our 30th Anniversary!

Sakya Kachod Choling has been celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the blessing of its land by Jetsun Kushok.  A traditional one-month White Tara retreat was held in July 2017, and the merit generated by the event was dedicated to the perfect health and long life of His Holiness [...]

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Weekly Sunday Practice & Meditation Beginning Nov 25, 2018

Sunday Mornings: Green Tara Practice Sakya Kachod Choling is closed to the public until November 25, 2018. Please join us on Sundays for Green Tara Practice on November 25 at 11:00 a.m. Sunday Afternoons: Shamatha Meditation Sakya Kachod Choling is closed to the public until November 25, 2018.  [...]

Recordings of the 2018 Classical Tibetan Language Course with Dr. Kurt J. Schwalbe May Be Available

Registration for Dr. Kurt J. Schwalbe's Classical Tibetan language course is closed and classes have begun.  The 18 classes (27 hours) are being recorded using Zoom.  At Kurt's request, the fees generated by the course are being donated to Sakya Society to support the spiritual activities of Jetsun Kushok.  It [...]