To Students of Jetsun Kushok, Sakya Practitioners everywhere and all friends of Sakya Kachod Choling,


news4_HHJKI always look forward to sharing news of Sakya Kachod Choling through our newsletter and this year we’ve got some terrific news. I’m so pleased to say that we are ready to move forward with developing private spaces for retreaters. Details and pictures in a moment. But first, I want to acknowledge and thank the individuals who make all of this possible.

First and foremost, with deep devotion and gratitude to our spiritual director, H.E. Jetsun Kushok Rinpoche (pictured on the left). Without Jetsun Kushok’s wisdom and compassionate guidance, it would be very difficult to maintain the level of teachings and support for retreaters that happens here.

Our officers and board; Susanna Salsbury, John Soderberg, Peggy Sue Macrae, DeAnn Glenn, Dawn McKutcheon, Jeannetta Noland and Alice Deane. These individuals help move SKC forward with their commitmen to our mandate. They work hard and enthusiastically to keep us focused. I couldn’t ask for a better group!

news4_flagsVery special thanks to Jen DiMarco who volunteers her bookkeeping skills and does a great job keeping our bills paid, the books organized and in order. Also thanks to Jen Harrington and Alice Deane who keep the organic vegetable garden flourishing. This garden is a major part of our effort to provide quality support for retreaters. Thanks to Jen for also keeping the grounds work organized and making texts available for practitioners at our retreats. Special thanks to Brian Eslick, architect, who generously voluntered his considerable knowledge and design skills when we were gathering information for improvements and to Betsy Napper, who makes herself available to translate during retreats for Jetsun Kushok. Very special thanks to Louise Light who maintains our web site and pulls the newsletter together with her terrific design skill and knowledge of computer graphics.

Ben Hayne, Terri Mathisen, Katerina Wen, Janet Thomas, Patricia Bolding, Mike Green and his big, blue tractor ‘ Marcel’, Eric Bullard, Denis O’Keefe, Carol Merrifield, John Soderberg, Alice Deane, Jeanetta Noland, Susanna Salsbury, DeAnn Glenn and Dawn McCutcheon who have helped with everything from fixing the drip system in the garden, sharpening the knives in the kitchen, raking leaves on the grounds, cutting brush and chipping it, fixing potholes in the driveway, leading the Sunday afternoon shamatha sessions, planting, weeding and watering the vegetable garden, making new tent sites, consoling Thrinley when the deer get into her rock garden around the stupa and eat the plants. Valerie Tibbett and Pam Coffey for donating a lot of really good Dharma books and some meditation benches for the shrine room, as well as Chris Lawson who made a nice wrought iron display rack for displaying malas……To those anonymous ones who leave donations in the donation box and those of you who come for retreat….I’m probably forgetting at least a dozen things but I hope I haven’t forgotten any of the volunteers!


As you can see, a place like this could not exist if it weren’t for the combined efforts of many people, all of whom share the same vision. When retreaters or visitors come it is not unusual for them to comment that “this place looks so cared for”’ or “the energy here feels so good!” Thank you one and all!


Picture yourself on retreat in one of these wonderful spaces. If you’ve never experienced the feeling of centered energy that comes from living in a round space you have something to look forward to!

We are ready to start putting up yurts on our beautiful 20 acres. By donating to ‘The Yurt Project’ you will facilitate retreat for yourself and gain the merit of helping it happen for others.

These yurts will provde the truly secluded and private spaces we have needed for some time. A big thank you to Dawn Lee and Dan Yeap who came for retreat last year and made the first generous contribution to the project.

news4_stupaExpanded Sunday Meditation Session: In addition to our regular Green Tara practice at 9:00 a.m. and shamatha meditation at 1:30, we have added an additional 4:00 shamatha session.

Dharma Video Night and Pot luck Supper: On the 3rd Friday of every month (except when we’re having group retreats) we show one of the many terrific films that are now available about the Dharma or is Dharma related. Some are documentaries, some are movies. Pot luck supper at 5:30, film starts at 6:15.

Retreat Finder mentioned in Oprah’s O Magazine! We’re mentioned in ‘O’ magazine! Well, sort of. SKC has a web presence through and RetreatFinder was mentioned in’O’! See the founder’s statement here: Dear Sakya Kachod Choling: We are writing to express our Thanks! for using Retreat Finder. Because of the strength of the spiritual and healing retreats offered by centers like yours Retreat Finder gained the attention of Oprah’s O Magazine – they mentioned us in an article in this month’s issue. Thank you for all the work you do to create these wonderful spiritual and healing retreats which enrich the lives of so many. We are proud to be able to support your work! —Alec Franklor, Owner

Volunteering at SKC

If you are interested in helping out with any of the ongoing work projects here, please get in touch. These include, at appropriate times of the year, painting the outside of the building, painting inside, vegetable garden, grounds work, general inside clean up, leading the Sunday meditation, helping with building yurt platforms and more.

Contact: Call us 360-378-4059
General info: skc@rockisland,,
Garden & Grounds:,

2012 Retreats: White Tara retreat with H.E. Jetsun Kushok Rinpoche May 21st – 27th, 2012 and Vajrayogini retreat with H.E. Jetsun Kushok Rinpoche June 14th – September 25th. Please contact us for information on future reteats.

Wishing you all a very peaceful, healthy, prosperous Year of the Water Dragon! We look forward to supporting you in your next retreat! – Thrinley DiMarco


‘There are only two mistakes one can make
along the road to truth.
Not going all the way and not starting!

The Buddha