Vajrayogini Three-Month Retreat

Under the Guidance & Direction of Her Eminence Sakya Jetsun Chimey Luding Rinpoche

“Many of you have received many empowerment and teachings, now is the time to put it into practice. Especially those of you who have received Vajrayogini blessing and teachings, you have a commitment to complete the basic Vajrayogini retreat. As our life is uncertain, it is best if you can find time to do it as soon as possible to deepen your spiritual understanding.”

~Jetsun Kushok, January 16, 2019


June 30 (retreat begins) – October 8, 2019 (tentative date)

Prerequisites Required to Attend

Hevajra or Chakrasamvara Empowerment, Vajrayogini Blessing, and Teachings on the 11 Yogas of Vajrayogini by a Sakya Master.  This is a vegetarian, silent (essential speech only) retreat.  Electronics will not be allowed after the retreat begins except to read digital copies of texts.

2019 Vajrayogini Retreat Schedule

Sunday, June 30:  Retreat begins with ceremonies placing students into retreat
Early October:  Three-Day Fire Puja (exact dates to be announced) and Concluding Ceremonies


Please use the form on this page to reserve a place at the retreat.  A 50% deposit is required to guarantee or hold the reservation.  The registration form may be submitted without any payment, but the reservation is not final until the deposit has been received and acknowledged by the retreat manager.

Please review all options and information before you fill out the registration form.  After you submit your registration, please click here to pay the 50% deposit (use the “make a retreat payment” button) or follow the instructions on the Donate page to pay by other methods. Registrations are not confirmed until you receive an email notification from the retreat manager acknowledging receipt of your 50% deposit and confirmation of your housing choice.

Retreat Fees

The Retreat Fees are provided on the registration form and vary depending on the type of housing.  Retreatants may arrive up to two days before the retreat begins on June 30 without paying any additional fees. The retreat will end in early October.  The exact dates for the three-day fire puja and concluding ceremonies will be announced as soon as they are available. Please plan for departure after October 8.

The Retreat Fee includes housing, three vegetarian meals each day; 24-hour hot water, coffee/tea, honey and other sweeteners, dairy and non-dairy creamers; weekly laundry, weekly shopping, and other staff support as needed.

Guidance and Instructions

Jetsun Kushok will be available to guide and instruct retreatants in person when Her Eminence is on the island or by telephone when she is not present in person. Lama Ngawang, acting under Jetsun Kushok’s direction, will provide ritual instruction and perform certain ceremonies.  Betsy Napper, Jetsun Kushok’s translator, will join the retreatants for one session each day during the first month and answer practice questions so that retreatants are well prepared to perform the retreat by themselves.


(Click here to become a Friend or Sustaining Supporter)  Friends receive a 10% discount on housing. Sustaining Supporters and ordained sangha receive a 15% discount on housing.  There is no discount on the retreat fees or meals.


Before March 1, 100% less PayPal or bank fees.  After March 1, credit toward another retreat.

Additional Expenses

Practice texts and materials, personal necessities, and snacks and other favorite food items not on the menu. Staff will shop for retreatants once a week.