By special request, Khenpo Pema will give the Green Tara initiation to Buddhist practitioners at 10 am on Saturday, November 5, 2016. This will be followed by lunch and the beginning of a seven-day Shamatha Meditation Retreat that is open to everyone.

About the Retreat

Imagine a power that must be reckoned with and that is the force behind all possibilities, without which the virtues of the world and merits of the individual will simply not flourish. The Bodhisattva’s Way of Life by Shantideva points to just such a power. Here we are guided on how to go about acquiring this sustained energy, which can both inspire and provoke our inner strength and make use of the potentialities. Enthusiasm empowers everything, from our confidence in the relative nature of things to compassion, kindness, generosity, discipline, meditation, and even our success in life’s daily affairs.

Ven. Khenpo Pema Wangdak will offer guided meditation and teachings that present the purpose, essential qualities, and benefits of enthusiasm as an indispensable component of successful Dharma practice. The program will include a recitation of the Heart Sutra and Samantabhadra Prayer dedicated to the overcoming of difficulties and to the smooth fulfillment of our aspirations.

Therefore, I should aspire for virtue,
And with great respect acquaint myself with it.
Having undertaken the wholesome in the manner of Vajradhvaja.
I should then proceed to acquaint myself with self-confidence.



November 5
10:00 a.m. Green Tara initiation
1:00 lunch
2:00 Retreat Introduction and Instructions


Green Tara Initiation (open to Buddhist practitioners only): $45

Retreat only (open to everyone): $180

Retreat + food & lodging: $252
(Lodging is shared sleeping space in the shrine room. Contact us for prices for a private room.)

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